POS Device 

MMG has the equipment for all business types.

  • Clothing 

  • Grocery 

  • Convenience Store

  • Gift Shop

  • Art Gallery

  • Candy Store

  • Jewelry

  • Sporting Goods

  • Salon 

  • Automotive 

  • Car Wash

  • Amusement Park

  • Non Profit

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Watercraft rental

  • Storage Rental

  • Heating/ Cooling Repair

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee Shop 

  • Butcher Shop

  • Bar & Nightclub

  • Buffet

  • Bakery

  • Deli

  • Hotel 

  • Resorts 

  • Condo Rental

  • Bed & Breakfast

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Offices

  • Drug Stores

  • Law Offices

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